Give your flat HDTV display some royal treatment


If you’re a proud owner of a flat screen high definition display, getting this Robotic LCD/Plasma Mount would be a prudent course of action. After all, it ain’t a joke aligning the HDTV to suit your viewing angle that changes every time you plant your backside down on a different spot. For too long have you been a slave to the stationary TV, it is now time to turn the tables. This Robotic LCD/Plasma mount can extend, tilt, and swivel to cater for the most optimal viewing spot in a room.

Capable of holding flat panel TVs from 37″ to 63″ in size, the Robotic LCD/Plasma Mount tilts up to 7 degrees up and 25 degrees down, swivels up to 56 degrees right to left, and even extends forward or backward for that sweet spot. In this way, it doesn’t matter any more which part of the living room you’re sitting at as the IR remote control moves the TV at your whim and fancy. The Robotic LCD/Plasma Mount’s price could be a showstopper though, as it costs a rather hefty $1,300.

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