PocketDock AV for all your iPod connectivity needs



Hooking up your iPod to different devices can be a chore at times, especially when you’re on the road and have forgotten to pack in a particular cable. The PocketDock AV is the perfect travel device for all iPod owners, featuring a thumb-sized iPod adapter that boasts connections for USB, line out audio, composite, and S-Video. This means you can now synchronize and charge your iPod while it is attached to a home stereo, playing your favorite video files on your spanking new HDTV simultaneously. Sounds neat, eh?

In its entirety, the PocketDock AV retails for $36.95. Too bad it only comes in black, so those who love color matching their iPod accessories will have to do a custom paint job. Each PocketDock AV comes with Apple’s official “Made for iPod” logo, putting incompatibility doubts at rest.

Source: New Launches

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