A mix of old-school and today’s hype and tech: the Domino Phone

by Andi

Domino keys
Does the picture to the left entice you? Classic domino numbers with letters underneath? A sleek-looking keyboard with a beautiful backlight?

If your sense of style is tingling and you feel you need to know and see more, click on…

Here it is! Coming in a retro wooden box, its shape, colors and even thickness remind us of the good old domino stones.


Very thin, and with a big display, this could teach today’s slim handsets a good design lesson…

Of course, this is not a finished product, but just a design study by the Swedish Syntes Studio, so we’re unable to provide any features.

If this design will come to life and will bring at least a decent set of goodies, I think it’s prone to be a success.

domino unbox

Found via Cool Hunting.

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