PSP update lets you access PS3 hard drive


psp-to-ps3.jpgOwners of Sony’s PlayStation Portable seem to have it better and better these days, with the latest firmware update enabling users to stream content directly from the PS3 via wireless connection. This means PSP owners who own a black paperweight PS3 will be able to access the next-gen console’s hard drive as well as memory card. Looks like you no longer need to turn on the telly late at night when everyone else is sleeping should your friend send you over some High Definition porn as you can always view those images and videos discreetly in your room with the PSP.

These contents can also be saved onto the PSP’s Memory Stick, so you only need to download it just once. Will we see more functionality between the PSP and the PS3? It looks as though Sony wanted to throw in the PSP as an added gameplay experience, much like now Nintendo tried by hooking up the GBA with the GameCube to little success. Looks like it will take a really killer idea to maximize the interactivity.

Source: Digital Spy

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