Pure class: the new Nokia 6500 twins

Nokia have announced two new handsets, based on their proven s40v3 software: the 6500 Classic and its fancier brother, the Slide.

There’s been a Nokia 6500 before, but they seem to have run out of numbers and are re-using them for new models (usually with the ‘Classic’ suffix added).

One of them is a slim (9,5mm) but feature-packed device, while the other is a slider, a bit thicker, but with even more goodies. They both sport a sleek and stylish metal finish, that just shouts ‘Business!’.

nokia 6500 slide
The Classic sports a dual-band 3g and quad-band GSM radio, one whole gigabyte of internal storage, a ‘regular’ 2 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a single microUSB connector for data transfer and charging.

Everything is packed in a sleek aluminium case, which is individually polished for each phone, giving it an extra touch of individuality.

Its ‘fatter’ brother, if it can be called like that, is – as the name implies – a slider. It’s a tad thicker at 16,4mm, but packs an extra set of features. This time you get a better camera (3,2 Megapixel Carl Zeiss with autofocus), a videoconferencing camera, a microSD card slot and TV out.

The case is also mostly made of aluminium, but in order to save some weight its ends and the keyboard are made of black plastic.

Both devices have about 5,5 hours of talk time and 12 days of stand-by endurance. They’ll be sold at about $450.
One thing that makes me wonder is why Nokia have voluntarily chosen to classify them as ‘Medium-class’, as the features offered are pretty rich.
nokia 6500 classic
Find more infos and pictures on the official site. Found via T3.