I live on the big one in the middle (Starship Earth)

by Fred

Starship Earth from National GeographicHere’s a fun little product from the people at National Geographic.

Sure, you know which sphere you stand/sit/sleep on, on a daily basis, but you’ve also got to think,, hmm, where am I really?

This is cool for the kids.

Why, you ask?

Because think of all that explanations of astronomical units, distances, and spatial relations.  Now you can show kids, (and friends too) just where we are, what we’re looking at, and a tiny glimpse, at what else is out there.

(I know it’s a tad spendy at $450, but come on,, we live here!)

It sure beats the standard globe (that quite frankly died the day that Google Earth hit the planet).

Oh, and if you do get this,, look for me on the Northern California Part of the Globe (to you I’ll just be a dot).

You can buy it here. (National Geographic, always cool).

Thanks Uncrate.

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