Hitachi first to market with 1TB Deskstar

Anyone remember paying big bucks for a 20GB hard drive and thinking it was big? If there’s one constant in the computer world it’s that storage will get bigger, faster and cheaper as time goes on. Also your available data will always expand to fill the hard drive space available – that seems to be a pretty common trait too!

To keep up with this ever increasing need for storage Hitachi have recently launched 1TB in a single drive with the 7K1000. That’s 1000GB folks, or 50 of those 20GB drives that seemed so large all those years ago.

There’s not much more to say. 1TB in a single drive pretty much covers it! £250. SATA. A more detailed writeup can be found over on Trusted Reviews.

I have to say, the temptation to put 4 of them in a ReadyNAS is strong but I think a reality check is in order – a 4TB RAID array? Even I’d have problems doing something with that much space…

4 thoughts on “Hitachi first to market with 1TB Deskstar”

  1. 4TB Raid would be handy as a media storage drive. On my HTPC I’ve started ripping my DVDs to the HD so as to have a “DVD Changer” if you will built into the PC. I’ve got one 500GB drive full already. You figure most DVDs these days are about 7GB and all of a sudden a 1TB drive isn’t so big. Then you figure in 5 years Blueray will be the standard and now 4TB isn’t enough 🙂

  2. “Anyone remember paying big bucks for a *20MB* hard drive and thinking it was big?” (note correction above.)

    Yeap, I was on the top of the world when someone gave me a 30MB (no, that’s not a typo, that’s MEGAByte) disk that had a bad head (6 total.) had to partition it into 5 partitions to get the cluster size as small as possible (since the cluster went “head 1, head 2, head 3, etc.” before looping back to head one and forward to the next sector so a bad sector would kill the whole cluster) and wound up with a total of about 24MB usable on the drive. It doubled the storage space I had on the computer (I only had a 10MB drive before that) that I was running a BBS on (anyone remember those?)

    Just picture a drive that’s about the size of 2 CD drives stacked together and weighing about 3 times as much and only holding 5-30MB.

  3. Mike, you’re showing your age 😉 I was going for a comparison that might have some meaning to people!

    I know what you mean though – my very first hard drive was 40MB and sounded like a cement mixer when it was running. It didn’t autopark so you had to issue a dismount command before you turned the machine off otherwise it would slam the heads down onto the platters.

    Ain’t technology wonderful…?

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