Fast iPod refill, without a computer: the iLoad!

Here’s some good stuff for the iPod fans: a nifty little device that can simplify their lives even more.

Forget about the ripping, copying times on the computer, forget all the clicks and presses needed just for getting a music CD in your iPod.

Here’s the device that gently cuddles your laziness and saves you some time too: the iLoad.


The design is clearly inspired by the Mac Mini, but the drive is located at the bottom of the device and on its top you’ll find a couple of buttons and a LCD instead of the apple. What it does is rip CD’s (and soon DVD’s too) and transfer them to your iPod.

The speed, you wonder? Well, at least 5x faster than it takes to play that music. Should be ok, though my non-iPod, non-Apple, non-iTunes setup works much MUCH faster.

Of course, you may choose if you want the entire disc or just specific tracks to be copied. Also, you can select the ripping quality. A nice addition is the LAN connectivity feature: if you connect the device to the network it will download the artist and track info, the covers and the lyrics and upload them too.

Another feature is the backup feature: you can use the device to store your player’s content on an external hard drive or flash drive or even another iPod. It supports iPods from the 3rd generation upwards.

For future compatibility, it will get regular updates, and will also support the iPhone.

Even crammed with all these features, I’m not sure if it’s worth the loot: it costs $299.

found at PopGadget