Are you lazy? Then the Disc Pod Dispenser is for you!

Disc Pod Dispenser
People really are lazy these days. It’s sad that a product like the Disc Pod Dispenser even exists. Of course, I’m the kind of person that would buy this gadget if I had a spare $15 and saw it in Best Buy simply because it is so ridiculous. Hmm, it seems like I just explained why the Disc Pod Dispenser exists — because there’s a market for it, which includes people like me (and the uber lazy).

Since you’ve already seen my supreme logic at work a second ago, I’ll get on to why this is has to be the laziest gadget ever. It really does facilitate being lazy. See, the cake lid that covers disc spindles today is so tiresome to remove, right? Right. So. . . the Disc Pod Dispenser removes that hassle by releasing a disc whenever you press a button, no removing the cake lid ever again. Even better, you won’t even have to supply a cake lid, the Disc Pod Dispenser comes with one that can handle up to 100 discs.

Besides letting people be to damn lazy for their own good, I’ve got some other reasons why this gadget isn’t at all practical. First, people use more than one type of media, and you don’t want to have to press that button 5 times in order to get the re-writable DVD rather than the CD-R. And because of that, you’d end up buying 3-5 of these, which is stupid and just takes up space. And, most importantly, it isn’t hard to remove cake lid, which is cleverly named.

If you’re like me, or just the laziest person to ever exist, go buy a Disc Pod Dispenser, they’re only $15.

Oh, if you’re wondering, I used some form of the word lazy 6 7 (technically 8) times this post.

Product Page – [via OhGizmo!]

4 thoughts on “Are you lazy? Then the Disc Pod Dispenser is for you!”

  1. Looks cool, and honestly may be something I might actually buy. I tend to always lose the top of the cakebox or use it for other things, and this would serve two purposes.

    1. You wouldn’t need to take the top off to get a Disc.
    2. It would keep the Discs free from dust.

  2. This is the kind of thing “safety” mandates used in the lab because some goober pinched their fingers when removing a lid. Ever wonder why a piece of silicon costs so much, stuff like this magnified by 10,000.

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