The Spy Tie

Spy Tie

Spy cameras seem to be all over the place at the moment, yesterday we reported on the spy in the sky and in the past we’ve had cameras concealed in teddies, the really cool remote control car (with infra-red spy cam) and a slew of other spy cameras. The next camera to add to your covert office surveillance is the tie cam, a video camera concealed in a regular looking tie.

An extremely high resolution, 450Tvl, CCD pinhole camera discreetly hidden in a tie – virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye- and a miniature digital video recorder, small enough to fit into a cigarette pack, to record extremely high quality colour video and sound.

This little 007 gadget will set you back to the tune of $1,355 (£645.99) from Spy Catcher Online, a somewhat expensive way to prove who is office slacker when it comes to filling the coffee machine.

2 thoughts on “The Spy Tie”

  1. When it comes to a peace of mind how much is too much. We live in a society that has become aware of their sorrounding and personal protection. Hidden cameras and spy cams can offer benefits that a standard surveillance camera cannot offer such as undetected proof. A professional thief knows how to stay away from view when he noticed that a surveillance camera is around, some will use hats or baseball caps to hide or shadow their identity. When a hidden cam is close; it is very difficult even for a professional crook to escape the evidence left behind.
    It is also very expensive to house an employee who is a theif. With a hidden camera there a chance to get your missing belongings back. We have all lost something in the past it could be an object or been abused. A hidden camera can say what others would not believe otherwise if you had said it even if it was true.

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