Is the Mac Mini Dead?

Mac Mini

Rumor sites are running rampant with speculation that the books on the Mac Mini are about to be closed as it becomes a part of computing history. AppleInsider seems convinced the time has come, as the Mini has only had four updates during it’s design life – one of which was so insignificant that it was hardly even noticed by Apple watchers – with other reports state that the Mini has gone nearly a year since its last update.

This isn’t suprising as Apple is heavily involved in creating the iPhone with AT&T to the point that it has pushed back release of OSX Leopard. And it’s also true that similar models have fallen into neglect as newer hardware came into the production pipeline. Macs such as the infamous G4 Cube, the eMac, and most recently, the 12-inch PowerBook have all been sunsetted in favor or newer designs. And it seems that the prevailing factor amongst the Mac elite is the stylish integration with its main cash cow, the iPod.

What really drove the allure of the mini was it’s Spartan design, diminutive footprint, and low cost. And while many Macheads bought the mini as a media center or backup Mac alternative (and some to put in their cars), the overall sales figures for the mini have so far been unimpressive when compared to the their beefier iMac and MacBook cousins.

So, could it be that the Mini is not long for this world?

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