3D holographic video in the works

seereal-3dtv.jpgIt has always been a challenge to bring TV viewers the most realistic experience possible, and this can be seen by the progress from black and white to color TV, and from standard definition to full High Definition that everyone (with enough money, that is) is raving about. SeeReal Technologies are on a similar path, working on some kind of 3D holographic display technique that aims to bring 3D images into the living room without the need for those dorky looking 3D glasses that have long plagued the 3D world, giving a somewhat 3D effect complete with a splitting headache and churning tummy as miserable side effects.

This holographic system is different as it follows the watcher’s eyes while producing an appropriate response to simulate a holographic effect. According to SeeReal Technologies, “Holographic display reconstructs a “scaled-down” natural scene. So it can look as a theatrical stage or a country-side landscape merging with the horizon. SeeReal technology addresses this by replicating the depth of the original image. So if it has corners viewers can look around them, as well as sections that lie one behind the other. All impressions of depth and 3D are replicated in the image you see.”

There are already more than a century of patents filed for this technology by SeeReal. They have not yet placed a release date for this technology though, although commercial release can be expected within a reasonably short time. Hmm, watching horror movies with this technology will definitely bring a whole new level of immersion.

Source: Gearfuse

3 thoughts on “3D holographic video in the works”

  1. I forget which manufacturer, but one of the laptop manufacturers had a model that had a 3d screen, and it didnt need glasses to work. However, you had to sit directly in front of the screen, and although it was supposed to be pretty cool, it only worked with games and such that were made for the technology, and the list was small.

  2. I have some non-dorky glasses that don’t give me a headache, they actually work very well; You plug your video card into the additional, provided card, and then plug the monitor into the card. Basically, the glasses have electronic frequency filters , so the monitor displays two images (Trippy for others) and you only see one out of each eye. The wire from them is kind of annoying though. Oh, and it has to be on a CRT. 🙁

    And cheaper CRT’s dont work worth crap.

    One problem with above technology though– Only one person can watch it….

  3. They have that new HDTV 3D tv and it cost like a thousand dollars and you have to buy the 3D lasses for $200 a piece!!!!!(I WOULD NEVER BUY IT UNLESS IT GOES ON SALE)

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