Windlight atmospheric beauty to light 2nd life

by Fred

2nd life windlight rendererSunrise, Sunset,,, enough of that Tevia, now in Second Life you can see much more natural (and depending on how your local environment is set,, un-natural skyscapes.)

The folks at Linden Labs are using the Windlight atmospheric renderer. It takes your boring sky to monstrously gorgeous levels (take a picture why don’t you!)

Linden Labs has acquired Windward Mark (do you think that company likes sailing just a bit?) Their rendering package is now a part of everybody’s favorite other life and now, well, the future looks bright (hang on, I’m going to put a few more bad puns in here.

Don’t miss the awesome Flickr group of these new images produced with the Windlight package, they look great!

The real fun of this will be the crazy unreal effects that people will develop. (I’ve got to get off my butt and get 2nd life’d for real). I’ve been excited about it since the release, however haven’t got off my duff to become a part of the world.

It’s going to be a slow roll out at first for the Windlight renderer, but once it’s fully up and running, just you wait!!! It’ll be gorgeous!

Thanks Linden Lab (love your Blog!)

Scobelizer (who else)

Extra Help from WebMetricsGuru

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