Vey-Ner-Chuk!!! Wine, Winelibrary TV (and a wine gadget)

by Fred

Gary at WinelibraryTVWell, here’s the wine gadget to satisfy the all knowing Al (there’s always gotta be a tie in kiddies).

The Presorvac Wine Saver Plug-in it’s like 50 bones.  Keeps wine fresh, get it at

This is all just an excuse to introduce you to Gary. He’s the man over at go and watch,, and learn!

Gary VeyNerChuk. If you like wine, people with enthusiasm, and knowledge you will love Gary! Thanks to a tip from Kevin and Alex at Digg (if you’re not watching Diggnation before or after, then I do believe you’re wasting about half you online experiences right there). Both can be subscribed to online (& iTunes podcasts), and, seriously, Gary will rock your socks off.

He’s all about reviewing wines in his own special way (not a “wear a helmet on a small school bus with seat belts” way),, well you’ll see. Just make sure not too laugh too hard while drinking wine and watching him,, man you think milk up your nose burns!Presorvac Wine Saver Plug-in

How’s that for a sneeze Gary?

Go there, do that thing.

or just subscribe to it at iTunes podcasts.

Get your Vayniac gear too!

also Diggnation, again, iTunes podcasts are your friends.

Make sure to watch the videos too people!!

Don’t forget to buy wine for people you love too!

And people you like,,,

and people you just met,,,

and,, well you get the picture.

As long as you’re legally aloud to buy it.

Oh, and be careful, Gary posts more than you’re ready for! Stay tuned!

Still gotta get a wristband (and an Oakmonster T-shirt for my Uncle in-law who’s got a small vineyard in Missouri!)

3 reviews or comments

no Says: May 22, 2007 at 3:12 pm

Awesome, now I can pretend to be a pompous dick, too!

Fred Says: May 22, 2007 at 3:21 pm

It was an attempt at humor,, obviously in your regard I have failed at this. Oh well. I’ll just have to keep writing.

Gary’s video blog that I’m such a fan of is fun, funny, and informative (and has been around for quite some time). Some people it takes a few episodes until they get sucked into the show.

Steve Says: May 23, 2007 at 10:56 am

How can a guy that is directly profiting from the sale of wine be legitimately reviewing it? Save 50 bucks and buy half bottles if you can’t finish a full 750ml.



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