Spoilt: a T-shirt for sadists (like me)

spoiled shirt

Did you ever see a movie before your friends did? Of course! We all did, at one point. And can you remember those situations afterwards, when everyone asks you how the movie was? Of course, telling them what happens is out of the question and they’ll keep bitching about spoilers and about you ruining their fun.

Well, here’s a real treat, the ‘Spoilt’ T-shirt. Obviously, it’s printed with movie spoilers. More specifically, questions AND ANSWERS of some of the most twisting cult movies or series. And there are only straight answers. What could be more obvious than Darth Vader’s son with a speech bubble saying just ‘Luke’s Father’?.. Nothing, i believe.

I can really picture myself having a beer with some of my friends who haven’t seen these classics but plan to, and wearing this. Of course, I’d probably end up soaked with beer, but it would really be worth it.

You can find the shirt (and a hi-res picture of its art) at threadless.
Thanks FreshPilot for the find.

3 thoughts on “Spoilt: a T-shirt for sadists (like me)”

  1. Darth Vader’s son was Luke’s Father? Damn! I misunderstood the movie all along.

    I want one though!


  2. I’m desperately hoping for Threadless to start printing all of their shirts
    on 100% cotton.  Btw, you might want to join the Threadless Streetteam
    – you might score yourself a shirt or two.

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