Nick’s Net Works … another Golf gadget, well thought out

by James

Nicks Net Works

Here at CG, Golf gadgets are always popular. Anything that can help straighten out that hook or slice always seems to catch our eye. And as a golfer (or even baseball player, football kicker, hockey player, or soccer forward), practicing fundamentals at home is often a problematic affair. Sure there are a host of aids to help – from pitch backs to inflatable soccer goals, to even golf nets, but the hassle of setting up and storing them while not in use is often a detriment to investing in them. And leaving them out to the mercy of the elements can greatly cut short their operational life.

Well, Nick’s Net Works has a great design for a net that attaches to your garage door and can be collapsed into it while not in use.

When you raise your garage door, the net can now hang down with a simple unclipping of a hook on one end of the net. The net then drapes down and acts to catch any ball you can throw, hit or kick at it. And in bad weather, you can simply reverse it and work from inside the garage.

Check out this video:

Price, $200, which seems a little high at first, however, a frame is also included which allows the net to be used at a park for on the sidelines of your athletic contest. Accessories like the practice golf tee mat is available for an additional $35.00

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