Wirear makes hearing aids sexy

wirear.jpgWearing a pair of hearing aids is a surefire sign that you’ve listened to too much Walkman in your youth, and with today’s iPod generation, it makes perfect sense to see some of them sport hearing aids too as they age with time. Thankfully, folks today have a better sense of combining both form and function to come up with the Wirear, an innovative hearing aid that comes in a sleek form, providing flexibility with a vast array of colors to suit your wardrobe. The Wirear device will use energy efficient “micro fuel cells” that extends its usability, turning what seems to be a handicap into a fashion statement of sorts.

The Wirear hearing aid features internal components that have been arranged in a linear format rather than stacked, providing more space inside without piling on the bulk. This engineering move eliminates the problem of cramping too many components within a small housing, something that plagues most hearing aids today. The micro fuel cell battery that uses hydrogen from any hydrocarbon fuel gives the hearing aid an estimated life of half a dozen years, making it a more sustainable source of energy than current solutions which last around three weeks.

Since the microphone is located in front of the ear, the Wirear maximizes the opportunity for sound capture while the speaker which is placed within the ear canal reduces acoustic errors for better sound quality and effectively decreasing the ‘echo’ sensation for a more natural sound. Sounds neat to me, hopefully a commercial version will be available in the near future.

Source: Medgadget