The Chalk Mug

Chalk Mug

If you’re sick of leaving those messages written in post-its on the door of the fridge, now you have another and cooler (or hotter) option. As we all know, a lot of people simply won’t get up in the morning without taking their fix of coffee, and the perfect way to leave a message for one of those persons is using the “Chalk Mug”. With this mug you can leave your messages directly in the blackboard styled coffee mug.

This mug is perfect to leave your important thoughts written on chalk, so when the other person comes to drink their tea or coffee they’re not going to miss it. The Chalk Mug already comes with a white chalk, so you can start writing (and erasing) your important notes right away. I think this is one of the most original ways of leaving your written messages for your boss, wife or kids. Not to mention the fact that it looks cool and is certainly going to attract a lot of attention when it’s on your desk or coffee table.

You can buy the Chalk Mug for US$ 9 at I Want One of Those.

Via I Like Totally Love It.

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