Personal Water Purifier gives clean drinking water

personal-water-purifier.jpgAh – the great outdoors. With summer just around the corner, it makes perfect sense to plan for that perfect summer vacation already, from the routes you and your family would take down to the most minute details including the amount of water to carry. What happens when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with nary a single convenience store in sight? All the Benjamins in the world wouldn’t be able to snag you a bottle of ice cool water then, which is why it is essential to have the necessary jungle survival skills in addition to the Personal Water Purifier device that gives you clean, drinkable water from a natural water source within minutes.

The Personal Water Purifier must first be hooked up to a nearby water source via the device’s inlet pipe, where you then start to pump the pump. Water will begin to flow out of a side pipe within two minutes, where the result is drinkable liquid that has already been disinfected and filtered, giving you peace of mind without running off into a bush shortly afterwards. This brilliant purifying pump is capable of pumping out 50 liters of clean drinkable water before it becomes ineffective. Unless you’re trekking across jungles for months on end, 50 liters is definitely more than enough to get you through a week long escapade.

The Personal Water Purifier operates by filtering whatever liquid that comes through while removing chemical contamination. Once that phase is complete, it will disinfect the water by releasing an iodine-resin complex which doubles up as a contact microbiocide for secondary disinfection. Just make sure you discard the Personal Water Purifier after milking out 50 liters from it, unless you want to take the risk of falling sick.

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