MUON Speaker from KEF is the bomb


kef-muon.jpgIf you have plenty of cash left over in your bank account with absolutely no idea on how to spend it, here’s an idea. First, get yourself a healthy collection of your favorite music in the best format possible, and make sure you have a listening (or audio) room that would make even Pavarotti blush with pride. Then, fork out $130,000 to pick up the MUON Speaker from KEF. This is it, ladies and gentlemen – the Rolls Royce of loudspeakers that costs more than the average Joe’s 30-year mortgage and car combined together.

Production will be limited in the truest sense of the word, featuring only a hundred pairs that will be sold in 10 cities worldwide. Those living in North America will be pleased to know that New York and L.A. are among the ten cities. Designed by Ross Lovegrove, the MUON speakers is manufactured by KEF from Britain, a renowned maker of audiophile quality speakers. Standing tall at more than two meters, these speakers were created with the aim of bringing the ultimate in sound technology and design innovation to the living room.

Made from super-formed aluminum and malleable sheets of heated aluminum, the MUON speakers feature a four-way speaker system which is mounted into the front of the structure with powerful bass drivers in addition to the upper mid-range and treble where the Uni-Q drive unit array delivers a masterclass in audio. Acoustic Compliance Enhancement technology has also been thrown into the fray to double the available volume. I don’t know, but I think items such as these are mindless displays of extravagance. That money could be put to better use for altruistic purposes instead of giving your ears a treat occasionally.

Source: Electronic House

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