The MP3 and old style clock combo


This retro looking clock is just like one of those old style clocks with the bells on that ring continuously until you happen to physically stop it. It has all the original features such as hands for telling the time and setting the alarm with. Yet with the flair of design that we have come to expect from the Japanese this clock is not entirely what it may see at first.

The alarm can be anything that you may require, just connect to your PC or Laptop and then you are able to download or even record whatever music or other sounds that you like, which somehow is supposed to make getting in the morning just that little bit better, or at least more civilized that the clanging of those two bells in ear.
Features, Trade name – MP3 Clock, Correspondence OS – Windows 2000/XP * Vista non correspondence, Connection – USB1.1 (USB2.0 correspondence), Size – 130 x 190 x 70 mm, Corresponding transferable type – WAV and MP3 type. Optional alarm settings up to 50 seconds in duration, Power source – Three AA batteries (sold separately) With an alarm sound of around 50 seconds; it is life of 1 year or more, and USB – Approximately 600mm (clock built-in).

The Thanko old fashioned alarm clock is available online for a mere $25.

Source [Tech Chee]