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As everyone knows, getting enough sleep is essential in life, even more so for growing kids who need that time to allow their bodies to recuperate after a grueling day at school. We adults love our beauty sleep too – ask any parents to newborns and you’ll probably see that they rank sleep even higher than sex in their priorities, but unfortunately they get little of either while attending to Junior. Whether you get too little or too much sleep, sharing a room with others can be a tricky situation especially when everyone inside has different schedules. Hence, one person’s alarm clock might wake up the rest of the inhabitants way before their scheduled wake up time, leading to a lousy start to the day. How about an alarm clock that works in a rather charming manner, waking you up gently without the rudeness that accompanies most of the other loud ringers? This concept Hybrid Alarm Clock is truly innovative in essence, featuring a big, red, flashing light that pulses and glows as it attempts to arouse you from your slumber.

You also have the choice of using it like a normal alarm by setting the precise hour and minute that you need to get up. alternatively, for those who love taking a rather lengthy nap or require their standard 8 hours of sleep can use the alternative timer which features three time options – 3, 5, and 8 hours. A big red button located at the top is used to stop the alarm when it goes off.

Kudos to designer Francesco Costacurta for this idea. I’m not too sure whether the pulsing red light alone is enough to wake you up. After all, there are some people who actually sleep through even though an ambulance in full flight drives by, sirens, flashing lights and all.

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Neagle Says: May 20, 2007 at 12:09 am

I’m still waiting for the alarm clock that places me into my shower to wake my sorry butt up.

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