DriftBox analyzes your wicked drifts


driftbox.jpgMotorsport is a precise activity where performance can be measured from many aspects. As technology evolves, so much the tools move forward in tandem. The DriftBox is a GPS and accelerometer based performance meter that is smart enough to log down your car’s forward and lateral acceleration G-forces as well as instant and maximum drift angles as well. These actual figures certainly translate to bragging rights amongst the drift enthusiast crowd, but make sure you perfect those drifts before recording them down as a laughable figure will leave you with your reputation and emotion in tatters, bringing back suppressed memories of being ridiculed at the local playground by others.

This data-logging equipment retails for $750, making it extremely affordable to the average drifter who has spent considerably much more than that amount to soup up their cars. The DriftBox was specially designed to be located on the dash, giving you real-time readouts. Features are aplenty, ranging from measuring 10 times a second in kmh or mph, meters or feet, a quartet of acceleration ranges, numerous distance ranges, top speed, average speed, drift angle, peak drift angle, and a whole bunch more including lap time.

These data are stored on the DriftBox’s SD card which can be transferred to a computer later. The supplied software probably requires an in-depth knowledge of your car if you were to interpret the graphs and mapped plots. This is a neat device to be used in serious drift circles, as it helps judges make a decision during tight situations. I wonder whether the Japs would consider using this or not…

Source: Gizmag

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Neagle Says: May 20, 2007 at 12:05 am

Gee, I guess you can put it on that new VW Golf.

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