Shred with hamster power

ham shred

In these days of green issues it is always great to find somebody who has taken it upon himself or herself to develop a green product, even more impressive is when the product is both useful and of course more importantly has the potential to become a seller. Well it was a while now when the first hamster powered shredder came to light, but since then the bugs have tweaked and the mark II version is now on show.

Thomas Ballhatchet first come up with the idea for the hamster powered shredder, and it did gain the interest of some very influential people like buyers, magazines, newspapers, TV, and a zoologist (Why!) and no doubt the attention of the many animal rights groups, but that is a different story.

Now the shredder has been smartened up and looks more like something that would be available in a store near you very soon, and if all accounts are true we could actually be seeing that, as there is now a lot of interest and if the time suits him, then lets hope that we can actually see this go into production and into the stores.

There is only one drawback, that is how many sheets of paper can be shredded per hamster, and do you have to have a back up hamster in case the other one runs out, not literally of course.

Source [Core 77]