The Socket Pocket: simplicity is beautiful

by Andi

the socket pocket
Not as simple/easy to install as the Load Thing, this device is far better-looking and, most important, it doesn’t get in your way. I ripped two Load Things out of their sockeets, phone flying through the room and stuff, just because I dared to forget that there was a 20-cm plastic-and-textile thing sticking out of the wall.

This one however is a replacement faceplate for your electrical socket (yes, it fits both European and US style wall sockets) with a pocket attached to it. That simple.

The most complex part of this is probably the slit in the pocket’s bottom that allows you to insert the charging connector in your phone or PDA or DAP or whatever. This way everything stays close to the wall, looks good too, and your devices get a better protection as a bonus.

I’ve had unpleasant experience with the Load Thing, my phone and the dog, and i really hope this will offer some better protection against slobbery phones and scratched PDA’s.

Available at GetOrganized for $15, found at PopGadget.

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