iDog Doggie Bag, Take Your iDog Out for a Stroll

by Nick

iDog Doggie Bag

If you’re a girl, own an iDog and are not ashamed of walking with it on the streets, then the Doggie Bag may be an ideal accessory for you. If you are not, please stop reading now, because this purse is for fanatics only. This bag was specially designed so you can take your iDog anywhere you want to, just as would with a real dog. The iDog’s head will stay out of the purse, so everyone will know that you’re carrying it with you.

Why would someone want to do that I can’t imagine or even understand, but the designers at Hasbro apparently don’t agree with me. I think whoever thought this up must be going out of his mind, but if you care about your iDog as much as you care about a real pet, you can buy the Doggie Bag for US$ 15. The iDog itself is not included on that price tag, of course. This bag can also be used to carry your SpiDog, and you can choose between a white, pink or orange versions.

There’s also room for your iPod or other MP3 player, and you may even take your real dog for a stroll (if it’s a real small one), but don’t expect it to start barking out your favourite MP3 songs.

Find out more at Hasbro.

Via Ounae.

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