Want to change your iPod font colors?

by David

iPodApple like to look after their customers by offering so many variables on their products, yet one thing that has not been so good is the font color schemes on the iPod series of music players.

But now they can change the display colors to suit their needs, how lucky are they? It is a fairly straightforward process, the details of which are below thanks to crunch gear.com.

By changing how you see your iPod makes it a special thing just for you, personalized colors and fonts give you the ability to add your own individuality to the little device, and in the grand scheme of thing make everyone who does not have an iPod very jealous.


Open iPW, load your firmware.
Go to Layout, scroll down to Font Types.
In that list, go down to item 24222.
Now look at the z2 tag. It should say 0xFF000000. Click on it and change the first three digit series from 00 00 00 to DD 00 00.
Go to the fontID tag, and click on it. On the right, click the “Decimal” select button.
Back to the left, in the editing textbox, type in the String ID for the font you want to change to. To find this, click the Strings tab and look for the list of fonts in Language Block 24. Pick one, and punch in the 5-digit number into the fontID tag.
Write your iPod, eject, and look. Your menu text is now red! However, you won’t have the same font. This is currently the only way to change your menu font color.

24222 – Menu Text – All main text on your iPod.
24223 – Title Bar – Also changes your “Do not disconnect” text, and your “Song # of #” text in ‘Now Playing’
24224 – Titlebar Text Shadow – Text shadow in Stopwatch, Screen Lock, etc. Alignment has no effect.
24225 – Secondary Text – Settings options, On/Off strings, etc. Basically anything that’s right justified.


14034 – Dates belonging to the current month in the calendar
14035 – Dates not belonging to current month in the calendar
14039 – Event info field labels
14040 – Time of events in calendar
22199 – Buttons in Stopwatch
27971 – Contact # of ##
27972 – Contact info field value
27973 – Contact info field label
-592 – Title of calendar events in summary
-548 – Search term in input box
-554 – “No Results Found”
-550 – Amount of search results displayed on the input form
-549 – List of search results while in input form
-344 – Alphabetical index while scrolling fast through the media library

As you can see from the above there are some considerable changes that can be made should you wish, this is by no means complicated, but probably take some time to get used to, in fact I am sure that there will be some scratching of heads and possibly we may a few iPod devices being thrown out the window in frustration, maybe not!

Source [Crunch Gear]

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