Football inspired MP3 player

by David


Football (or Soccer) has managed to influence the designers of gadgets for some time; we have seen many different items that follow this sport inspiration. Yet the design of this MP3 player though football related, looks remarkably like the core of uranium that you see in films when the villains are preparing their nuclear strike.

This simple design is probably one of the most distinctive shaped MP3 players that are available on the market today; its lines and details make it a very desirable item indeed. Size wise it is only a mere four and half centimeters across which further makes this very attractive, to put it into perspective it is only about the size of a small orange, so it can be quite easily be put into a pocket or even used as the manufacturers suggest on a key chain, but it might be worth taking the ear phones when you open the front door to your house.

As for the features of the player, even though it is small in size it does still have a OLED screen of 80 x 48 resolution, a stopwatch, can receive up to thirty of the preset FM radio stations and comes with 256 mb, 512 mb and 1 gb of internal memory, so this MP3 has all the desired qualities along with a great design.

Prices will start at around $62.

Source [Cool Gadget Zone]

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