Pseudo touchscreen Domia X10 for homes



At first glance, the Domia X10 looks pretty much like a new-fangled device that has found its way into a home of the future. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, you won’t see the Domia X10 to be the touchscreen device hoped for, but it is instead an ordinary photo frame that comes with a pressure sensitive layer behind it. You place a photo of your favorite room in the house that you want to control the lighting fixtures there and you’re good to go. All you need to do then is just apply some pressure onto the relevant appliances such as the lights, lamp, and fan, and they’ll turn on/off by responding accordingly. Definitely disappointing is the fact that this ain’t no LCD touchscreen, as it would have been much neater to upload a photo and configure the settings through a computer. Instead, you now have to use the Word template that comes with each purchase of the Domia X10, along with assigning the cut and paste buttons over the photo and then cutting the photo to the correct size. Once all that is done, press the printed buttons to programme individual commands on the X10 and you end up with a pseudo touchscreen device.

Unfortunately, for £200, the Domia X10 comes across as expensive no matter which angle you try to look at it. Sure, it makes your entire home more classy, but won’t it be better if it consisted of a real touchscreen instead of some literal cut and paste job? Over time, the printed photo placed within the X10 will fade no thanks to the unrelenting UV rays that shine upon it every day. Would you get this if you had the extra dough to spare, or do you prefer to stick to a standard set of switches and dimmers? I, for one, will personally stick to the latter.

Source: Automated Home

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