Oh Google where art thou? (some things for you to do)

by Fred

googleWell you may vaguely remember I have gone on mild tirade/suggestion lists.

One of the kind humans over at Lifehack.org, (and obvious Googleophyte (not that there’s anything wrong with it)) recently had a great piece in the same vein. Sadly they don’t have their name on the article so that I can thank them correctly. This is the article in question.

Their focus is on Gmail (duh), Google Reader, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and Google Calender. It is a nice simple piece that outlines some simple and direct opportunities for Google to improve its services, and/or for other companies to pay attention and provide the services that people are asking for. If they don’t, well there are a million people out there looking to pick up the slack in any one of those niches. Our friends over at Planypus for example. Great product, simple, well executed, and just looking for larger adoption rates. Those guys have responded to feedback and constantly improved their solution.

The lifehack.org points are well thought out, simple, and direct. I highly advise you give it a complete read, (rather than my silly reference here, otherwise it’s just cut and paste). This is the manner in which companies can brign themselves up, not to beat Google at its own game (uhh, remember, they are VERY good at their own game, as are Yahoo and Microsoft). No matter how much you want to complain about them, there is a reason they are the 800 pound gorillas here.

Thanks Lifehack.org

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