Dream Racer cars for the disabled


dream-racer.jpgRaising the self-confidence level of a child especially after a horrific accident can be quite a hard task to do, even more so if the child has been left disabled or paralyzed to a certain extent. One thing’s for sure though – remote control cars are definitely fun whether you still have your limbs intact or not, which is why Mark and Mike have worked together since last year to improve the lives of disabled children by coming up with remote controlled radio cars that do away with the standard controller. Known as the Dream Racer car, the controllers can be custom built to cater for children and young adults who experience physical disabilities.

Some of these controllers come in the form of a baseball cap, gloves, or even shoes, depending on the type of disability. Those without hands can try the Baseball Cap version out, using just their head to direct the controls of the car. All radio controlled models are manufactured by Nikko Toys, UK, so you can expect pretty good quality from them. The Dream Racer car is also a great tool when it comes to boosting the confidence of kids who are disabled as they realize that they are still able to participate in a past time that is taken for granted by many.

If you’re in the position of teaching disabled children and those with special educational needs, why not give these chaps a call at 08707 117153 (international callers please call: +44 8707 117153) to arrange for a demonstration. There are five sets of caps and cars currently available for a trial. Interested parties will be able to pick up the Dream Racer car for £159 a pop.

Source: Medgadget

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