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magma-expressbox.jpgAsk any self respecting gamer as to why they’d prefer to get their gaming fix on the desktop and you’ll get the same answer – superior performance in every sense of the word. Desktop computers have much more horsepower, and when it comes to games, you can’t really argue with a top end video card which is far too large to squeeze into a standard laptop design. Magma has decided to do something about this situation, offering an easy to use device which enables your notebook to experience the joys and wonder of a desktop-only PCI Express card. Known as the ExpressBox1, this device looks very much like an external drive enclosure save the fact that is was specifically designed to hold a PCI-E video card.

There are two flavors available – a smaller version that supports cards up to 6.6″ inches in length, while the Pro version enables you to fit in 12.18″ video cards. These cards are connected to a laptop through the ExpressCard/34 modile and a PCI-E cable. Magma boldly claims that you won’t be affected by latency issues through this connection, thanks to the theoretical maximum throughput of 250MB/s in each direction. At point of writing, only single-width video cards that consume a maximum of 55 watts of power can be used with the ExpressBox1, although there are plans to accommodate double-width cards which require auxillary power in future iterations.

You will have to be pretty loaded if you want to pick up the ExpressBox1 though, as the standard version retails for a jaw-dropping $729 while the Pro version is slightly more expensive at $749. Bear in mind those are just the prices without including that of a video card yet…

Source: OhGizmo!

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Mark Says: May 10, 2007 at 4:43 am

OMG!!! You have to be one HELL of a gamer to want to purchase that at that price.

I think I’ll wait this out and see if the price comes down in a couple years to something much more manageable.

I admit though…pretty damned cool.

‘osa Says: October 3, 2007 at 12:52 am

i must say that i am impressed but it does not address my problem. i have a dell sx270 with a HT processor, 1gb ram and 60gb harddrive. having installed vista ultimate, i can’t enjoy the aero effect because i can’t upgrade the onboard xddm video card.

my system doesn’t have pci slots and that is my issue with this option of external video card. i need one that would attach to my system through a usb cord or some other means if there are any…

if for some reason you happen to know of any that is of reasonable price, pls give me a buzz. thanks

Ryan Says: September 8, 2008 at 8:54 am

forget it. i’m just going to buy a desktop for just the game. sheesh. this is only a case anyways. why over 700?? might as well goto radioshack and make my own.

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