A Brazilian Music Channel Launches on Joost

Trama on Joost

The Brazilian music label Trama has launched a Brazilian Music Channel on Joost, and is planning other channels to launch soon. Trama is known in Brazil to use different methods and approaches to market its products and artists, and being the first content provider from Brazil to launch on Joost is a natural step for them.

The channel is still being tested, just like the other channels on Joost, but you can already watch shows and clips from artists such as Otto and Ed Motta. The contract with Joost will allow some programs to be shown all across the world, while others will remain exclusive to Brazilian users.

Joost is currently in the Friends Edition, which allows you to share programs that you’re watching with your friends. The invitations are not limited to 999 users anymore; now you can invite anyone you want. Joost seems to be on a row, now that they and now that they got US$ 45 million on the bank from investors, and that they signed content deals with Viacom, CBS and Warner Brothers, all they need to do is keep up the great work of adding new channels and content with each new version, and make absolutely sure that the system will not crash with the addition of who knows how many new users each day.

You can read more about the new channel at IDG Now and on the Brazilian technology blog MeioBit (translated from portuguese).

Via MeioBit.