LS800 now comes with SSD



Motion Computing has recently dropped the ball by making available an instant performance boost upgrade for its LS800 Tablet PC. What this ultra mobile computer used to come with was a hard drive, but that has now been replaced by a delectable (by geeky standards anyway) 1.8″ 32GB solid state drive (SSD) that guarantees to deliver a more durable and better performance numbers. Engineering tests performed at Motion labs show that the SSD-equipped LS800 will run at 40% more efficiency when compared to a hard drive-based model, while the user will also experience faster data access times and reduced power consumption, resulting in the LS800 achieving an extra 10% of battery life.

Motion also strongly believes that the use of solid state drives will also help reduce costs that are often associated with hard drive failures. As everyone knows, each hard drive is extremely susceptible to shocks and jolts that could result in a catastrophe should you not have made any backup to your precious data. SSDs eliminate this possibility, making the LS800 extremely reliable and cost effective as you can go about your work with peace of mind.

According to Jillian Mansolf, the vice president of marketing at Motion, “Solid state is an excellent storage technology option for ultra-mobile computers. From casinos interested in offering a portable gaming experience to field service workers computing while walking and standing, the LS800 with SSD helps protect data despite everyday knocks, bumps and jolts.” Interested parties will be able to pick up new SSD drives for $599 a pop. If you already own a LS800, you can also give your precious Tablet PC an essential upgrade via one of Motion’s Certified Maintainer partners.

Source: TabletPC Review

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