SDHC reaches the 16GB milestone with Microdia

by James

Microdia 16GB SDHC

As cameras keep pushing for great resolution and high capacity secure digital cards reach to provide larger and larger storage capacity, a new milestone has been reached by Microdia … 16GB. Building on the 32GB capacity of their compact flash cards, their 16 gig SDHC card comes with a Class 6 speed of 160x.

Not a lot of details are out yet, but here’s hoping that they’ve improved on the 8 GB SDHC model they are currently offering which uses SD™ Specifications Version 2.00 standard, but is still chained to the FAT32 File format.

However, Microdia also protects their cards from the elements, making them waterproof, dust proof, and even extreme temperature resistant.

Additionally, the recent SDA 2.00 specification enables SD™ Cards to read capacities from 4.0GB to 32.0GB, which is very important for high capacity applications like storing videos, 10+MP photographs, music, etc.

So, it’s no surprise that the 16GB SDHC is currently rumored to cost a cool $3,500 USD a piece.

The question though still remains, that as SDHC cards keep reaching for the skies in storage capacity, doesn’t it make better sense to use several smaller cards in case of failure?

It’s certainly more affordable.

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Joe Says: May 9, 2007 at 4:04 pm

While it is more reasonable for a majority of the public to buy the smaller sizes. For commercial purposes this can be fantastic! Also, when these barriers get broken, all it does is lower the prices for the smaller cards!

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