Ridiculous: eat with this if you can!

by Andi

As if the spork and other ridiculous pieces of cutlery weren’t enough, here comes the one to crown’em all: the Trinacria Cutlery. Apparently inspired by the Sicilian Flag , this device was designed by Kazuyo Komoda.

Other than as a decoration, i really don’t think these have any real utility. To me, it seems the designer was aiming to mock our eating utensils, and show us just how much better chopsticks are, once you master them (hell, they can even dispense soy sauce).

There are a lot of things that point out the fact that they’re not designed for eating: they’re made of cheap-looking (but allegedly not-at-all flimsy, and dishwasher-resistant) plastic, and are sold in packs of 6 (you would need two for each plate after all).

They can be used for something though, entertainment. When dinner talk becomes dull. I can’t keep from smiling just imagining how you’d hold one of these in each hand and try to eat something. How you could cut anything without hitting the plate with the spoon part or how to eat without poking yourself in the eye. Ridiculous…

If you really really want to own such eating utensil abominations, you can get them at charlesandmarie.com for 16 Euros the six-pack (though any of us here would rather get another kind of sixpack instead). Found at UberReview

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Arthur Becker Says: May 8, 2007 at 11:42 am

I find the spork to be very functional and practical when I go backpacking. I take my titanium spork whenever I hit the hills!

Andi Says: May 8, 2007 at 10:40 pm

i use a spork for camping myself, and you must admit that it doesn’t do the job as well as its separate counterparts… and this gizmo here really is nuts

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