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Take a peek into any home and chances are you will find a dusty, old box of chess pieces in the attic considering how consoles and the computer have all but revolutionized the home entertainment scene. The Khet game aims to change that by hitting one back for the board game community, featuring a type of chess game that involves icons from ancient Egypt. What you get is a game set within a pyramid where you’ll need to think of how you’re going to fire lasers against your opponent’s Pharaoh. This board game marries both traditional gameplay with an infusion of modern technology, making it hold the honor of bring the first board game that incorporates laser technology while providing depth in strategy.

The whole point of Khet would be to maneuver your pieces around the board so that they are properly lined up to hit your opponent’s Pharaoh when you fire the laser and watch it bounce around the pieces on the board. A successful hit will result in your opponent’s Pharaoh lighting up. A quartet of game pieces are available, and they are the Sacred Pharaoh, Obelisk, Pyramid and Djed column. Depending on the type of Egyptian-themed piece, they all come with two, one, or no mirrored surfaces for a greater depth in strategy.

The Khet board game comes with a couple of Class I lasers and is suitable for two players aged 9 years and above. It goes without saying you shouldn’t stare into the laser beams directly nor intentionally point the lasers toward the eye of your opponent. Four AAA batteries are required to power the lasers, and if possible, try playing this in the dark for a more interesting effect. You can pick up Khet for £34.95 today.

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