Bringing back those good old games

by David


With the advances in games machines like the PS3, Xbox and Wii, games have taken on a different meaning, they are more complex, I suppose the Wii could be considered slightly retro, but games in general like GTA and other similar titles have moved on, the graphics are second to none and the game play itself it far removed from those that we saw and heard, when the gaming industry was in its infancy, remember the Sega system!

While we have seen some titles making a come back, it is refreshing to see that Plezo have launched their PMG 205 a hand held device that sports a 2.5 inch color LCD screen, it is not a fancy as some of the other games machines that are around like the Nintendo DS, but again that is new tech and offers a lot more scope, with the Plezo hand held device, retro is cool and if you must listen to music wherever you go, they have sneaked an MP3 into the package, not that anyone will notice.

However, despite its dated look and controls, this machine is ideal for playing those games that history has forgotten, like Space Inavders, Donkey Kong, Asteroids and the rest, I am feely a little nostalgic or am I just getting old!

Features of the PMG-250 include a 2.5″ LCD display, dual speakers, and a trio of buttons, 2GB of internal memory, MP3 and an SD memory card slot for expansion options.

The Plezo PMG-250 retails for approximately $185, which puts it into a completive price range, but unfortunately at the moment is only available in Korea, sorry!

Source [Crave]

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Neagle Says: May 7, 2007 at 10:22 pm

Galaga just rocks!

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