For this webcam, let there be light

Night Vision WebcamThere’s a new webcam out there that can see its subject in the dark. The Night Vision Webcam is flanked by 6 infrared LED lights on the front; this 1.3 mp camera also maintains the ability to light any video conversation no matter how dark the conditions may be.

Additional features include automatic white balance, digital zoom, instant still image capture, and motion tracking. And with a built in microphone, conversations promise to be convenient, clear and clear sound and echo-free audio.

Night Vision Webcam

Now, granted there’s nothing new about having a 1.3 mega pixel picture capacity, but the LED lights are it’s selling point and will continue to be long after the model upgrades to higher resolution models. That’s because the LEDs are bright enough and directed at the subject, rather than being defused by the ambient lighting most rely on. These advantages will not only clearly show the subject, but also to give colors that are rich, rather than underexposed and washed out.

The motion tracking is a plus, but the digital zoom is pure marketing since with digital zoom comes artifacting, which makes the wastes any image capture advantage. They would’ve been better off developing auto focus and letting users digitally zoom using Photoshop or a similar application.

However, at $50 USD (£24.95), it’s quite affordable for a camera that lights itself.