Finally I can justify a post about Formula 1!!!!!

by Fred

Mclaren’s new nose (thanks!)Ahh yes, the smell of burning rubber, tank petrol, and carbon fibre disk brakes are in the air. After three rounds of the formula one cirus in Australia,Malaysia, and Bahrain, the first big round of changes for the cars are in the air, and there are some doozies!!

To begin, my favorite reds, Ferrari have just installed so many changes in their “B-spec” car, that people are actually calling it a whole new car (technically not true as the main chassis core is the same, but apparently everything bolted on is new). The “ahem” flexible underbody is gone, and now conforms to the new FIA specs. Additionally new bodywork, on top of a wholly revised cooling system has provided a shocking half second advantage per lap improvement over the previous version, (yeah, that’d be the version that has 3 pole positions and 2 wins already).

Also, double world champ Fernando Alonso and his rookie racer teammate (who is AMAZING) Lewis Hamilton over at McLaren will be rolling in the race in Spain with a crazy new front wing that goes over the nose of the car, (check the picture). It’ s pretty nutty, but they say they have better results with that system, which, of course will mean that you can look for them on other teams in the near future.

Honda also got into the act sprouting some crazy little winglets,, but,, uh,, they didn’t work so well.  So don’t look for them next weekend at the race in Spain.

Thanks as usual wonderful F1-Live people!! (I should really pay for your full service as I’ve been reading you daily since about 2000!)

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Al Says: May 4, 2007 at 12:06 pm

Finally an F1 post, it took you long enough Fred.

This might make you feel a little green rather than red, I’ve just bought my tickets for Silverstone and am going in the posh bit (Club Silverstone). It’s my girl friends’ birthday just before and she’s a bit of a petrol head so it was an ideal present for HER (though I’ve obviously got to go as well 🙂 )

Fred Says: May 4, 2007 at 7:01 pm

Dude, you’re killing me!!!
I wanna go!!!!
Some day,,,,
I just viewed some awesome youtube vids with Brundle driving there. Sooo jealous!! (Becketts is one of my absolutely favorite driving sections in all the F1 season).

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