Fancy a HDTV in the shower? Look at this!

by Andi

There’s a wide range of shower/bath radios or mp3-players, and some of them are quite cool, too. The people at Envirovision think further though: they have created a waterproof 19” HD ready TV. Useful if you can comfortably watch it when sitting on the toiled or soaking in the tub. But in the shower? I’m having a hard time trying to imagine how you’d watch TV in the shower, really.
Placement and practicality problems aside, the system is pretty smart.
There are actually two sets available, a 17” one which is quite ordinary, and the 19” HD ready Freeview, which sports a HDMI input and optional separate ceiling speakers. Both devices have inbuilt digital and analogue tuners and are able to receive Freeview digital video and radio. They also have a ‘Direct Heat’ technology that allows for very fast heating of the screen in order to avoid misting before it begins to form.

The 17″ display has a 1280×768 resolution, while the 19″ displays 1440×960 pixels.

The installation process and integration capabilities are what set this set apart from other devices. For instance, it just fits over the cutout (which only has to be 6 cm deep) and seals itself even on a wall surface.

The front frame is made out of polished or grained Japanese steel and can be ordered in different-colored finishes (black or gold, for a hefty premium of course).

The TV’s can be ordered online at envirovision, starting at $1989. Found via popgadget

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EEJ Says: May 4, 2007 at 10:19 am

Not sure if I want to spend that kind of time in the shower, but I guess if you have a lot to wash……

Just wanted to mention that I noticed you used the “HD Ready” blurb to describe these tv’s and that actually means 2 different things depending on which side of the pond you are on.

HD Ready in Europe means that it can display an HD picture.

HD Ready in the US means it can display HD, but has no built in tuner.

I just wanted to clarify for those looking to purchase an HDTV, and don’t know the difference. If you buy a TV in the US and it says “HD Ready” you are also going to have to buy a digital tuner, or use a cable box with digital tuner.

I’ve also wondered why your posts about HDTV’s don’t include the resolution they will display, as I find this one of the most important aspects of them?

Andi Says: May 4, 2007 at 11:09 am

point taken, thanks… i didn’t know about the difference. in Europe, HD ready means its resolution is at least 720p, but less than 1080p. I’ll add the resolutions to the post now.

also, i’ve already written that both devices have digital/analog tuners inside 😉

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