The PQI i810: a strong and wearable memory stick

by Andi


Most of us are using USB flash drives. It’s become a replacement for floppies, CDRWs and even of the old ‘ritual’ of lugging around whole hard drives just to show off a ‘successful’ holiday photo or film shoot. We’ve seen small drives, rugged drives, but this one is small (another “smallest in the world” claim), rugged, decent-looking and also claims to be ‘intelligent’

The drive is compatible with most of today’s operating systems, and should have a read speed of up to 27 MB/sec. When considering the tiny dimensions (30×15.2×5 mm, 2.2 grams) and its ruggedness (dust/water/vibration/shock proof), it’s pretty impressive.

The capacity ranges between 512MB and 2GB, and there are 2 colors available: dark grey and pink. The product page seems to suffer from a sad disease called Engrish and from lack of solid information. We can know for sure that it has the feature, would be “Mobile phone decoration, east to carry” and we know that it “Support Windows Vista” but we know nothing of features like ReadyBoost.

Product pace, via NewLaunches

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