Leatherman, get busy in the garden now! (for hunters too)

by Fred

Leatherman hybridLeatherman (you know them, you love them!) have developed a new batch of tools.

The New Vista for hunters, with a pruning shear up front (rather than the pliers).

They’ve also got the new Hybrid, which has a sweet array of tools such as (ok, it’s exactly,,):

Bypass Pruners,Wire Cutters,Weed Remover, Grafting Knife, Bark Lifter, Phillips Screwdriver,Saw
Flat Screwdriver, Sprinkler Tool, Bottle Opener, Ruler, Nylon Sheath, Non-Slip Handle.

Quite frankly I was hoping there would be some sort of bulb planter/coring tool, (for sampling earth). Then again I guess that’d be the soil scientist’s Leatherman (are you listening Leatherman?)

Right now my favorite little microbiologist/mycological genius uses the Kershaw National Geographic edition carabiner knife. It’s great for rock climbing and soil sampling, but with Leatherman’s new releases I think we may have to give it a test to see how they compare!

Special Thanks to the folks at NotCot

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