7 thoughts on “Grossest gadget ever – The turd twister”

  1. At first glance, I thought these were some sort of cookie cutter type things, but oh god, I was wrong. 😮

  2. Just a couple of questions before securing the order

    1) Does it work on human pressure, and if so, is there a pulling/vacuum accessory for the elderly?

    2) Does the booklet have a troubleshooting section or consistency chart to select the right ingredients beforehand ?

    3) Does it handle the squits, or sweetcorn ?

    4) How do the various ‘deliveries’ stand up to temperature/time.

    4a) Can one freeze the results and if so, does the product booklet give a safe expiry date ?

    5) If one really found the turd wasn’t twisted, is an accessory available to make the ultimate 99′ ?

    6) Can this be used by all the family including the cat ?

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