Finally, good cheap robot brains for sale QWERK

by Fred

Sure, you want to make an affordable robotic/networked/embedded linux/mechatronix platform.

But, then you say to yourself,, “Self,, where would I find such a thing?”

qwerk cpu unit

Charmed Labs is where, and QWERK is what you’re looking for.

Their friends at the Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Institute have developed the TeRK Telepresence Robot Kit it uses theQwerk base units to operate.

They’ve got a great page that has robots you can make, tells you what tools and parts you need exactly, and even where to get them! It’s great!!

Finally people have a shot at making useful, powerful robotic applications at a small scale, and learning how to go about it for a “reasonable” price (let’s face it, sometimes 349.00$ is a tad harder to come by than we want to admit, especially for you brainiac younglings).

Don’t let this deter you. Go in with friends, make a more amazing robot, scavenge the trash pile from your neighborhood bike shop/machinist/dentist/flower arranger, and see if they have the part you need, maybe they’ll even give them to you.

Or you can just be the consummate professional (consummate V’s Trogdor!) and call Digi-Key, McMaster, and Grainger for all your needs.

Thanks Fark

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tiaan Says: November 2, 2008 at 9:03 am

hi i like robotics but i would like to know which book would be best to get all the electronic knowledge needed.thanx

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