USB Chess Set for budding Kasparovs



Ahh, chess. What a cerebral game. I never quite caught the chess bug though, being beaten quite soundly in most of the games as I never really mastered any of the moves other than the old standby, castling. Even opponents who are many years my junior managed to read my mind as if they were the children of Jean Grey themselves, causing my king to call it quits in under 5 minutes. Mind you, we weren’t even playing speed chess so you can imagine just how I sucked. Perhaps I could have played much better in my youth had I had the advantage of training with the USB Chess Set from Brando. This USB Chess Set throws in a modern tech slant to an ancient game, featuring a roll up mat that makes it extremely portable.

What makes the USB Chess Set so special is the ability to teach chess newbies how to play as well as increase their skills within a short time to challenge a seasoned player. The innovative interface enables all programming and sound to be activated via the computer screen, doing away with the need for bulky plastic parts that could get lost as well during travel. You can even pause and restart your game at the click of a button, while saving the entire screen as a JPEG file. Moves can also be stored on a data file for future reference, and these files can be shared with your friends only via email.

The program also comes with a built-in help feature that gives you tips and hints on making the next move whenever you’re in a difficult position. You can challenge a friend or go up against the computer when no humans are around to take you on. Just like old fashioned arcade cabinets, the USB Chess Set software also stores the highest records for bragging rights – something important in the lives of children. Since the $42 USB Chess Set is bus-powered, there is no need to lug around extra batteries or a power adapter.

Source: EverythingUSB

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