Slouchpod brings connectivity to gaming chair


slouchpad.jpgHow many gamers do you know who actually have some pretty good posture? As an ex-gamer myself (I still game occasionally on my DS, but long gone are the days of pulling all nighters to complete Diablo II when it was first released or fragging into the wee hours of the morning in the Dark Zone), I’m still trying to fix my poor posture. Are games to blame for this? Not really, but most gamers don’t really care about how they sit when being immersed in a world of make believe. After all, nobody else is watching, so they could be playing with their mouths open for all they care. The Slouchpod doesn’t do anything for your posture, but instead bends itself to accommodate the highly evolved state of a gamer.

What makes this distant relative of a beanbag even more special is the sheer number of adapters that enable you to hook up a whole ton of devices, ranging from MP3 players to notebooks and DVD players. A couple of 5 watt R.M.S. speakers and a 10 watt R.M.S. subwoofer bring the entire audio experience up by a few notches.

Gamers! Are you going to take this affront towards your image of being slouches who are good for nothing other than the occasional “twitch and frag” moment with your mouse and keyboard, or will you take this furniture as a serious signal to start working on your posture? After all, sitting straight up does has its benefits, and especially for men a good posture does a whole world of difference when you’re out on a social mission to net yourself a bird at the bar. Still, for those who have practically all the gaming peripherals they ever wanted can add the Slouchpod to their collection for £299 a pop. There are half a dozen colors to choose from (classic black, cream, red, lilac, pink, and white), so knock yourself out.

Source: GadgetLounge

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LJP Says: April 29, 2007 at 7:16 pm

I too slouch from Diablo II – how good was that game?!?!

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