‘Let’s-a-go’! Mario Kart, live!

by Andi

R/C Mario
Thinkgeek have just received a cool new RC toy, with a special appeal to us nostalgic console buffs that have enjoyed Mario Kart. Just imagine the little guy rolling through your hallway or outside on the sidewalk while going ‘Hey-a, you very good-a’.

The kart is 12 inches long and is about just as high. For added nostalgia and ‘realism’, the remote control is styled after the GameCube controller.

The features are pretty much standard for any supermarket-RC-car – left, right, forward, backward and turbo forward controls, and it’s even powered by the same 8 AA batteries you find in most of them.

However, this toy does something most of its counterparts can’t do: it can shout out Mario’s original lines from the game. This way, you can taunt or yield while racing your friend’s boring, classic RC car.

Here’s a movie of it in action:

You can order it at ThinkGeek for $50.

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Mike Says: April 27, 2007 at 6:20 pm

If I had that disposable income I keep hoping for, this would definitely be on the “to buy” list. 😀

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