Star Wars strikes back: The Star Wars nesting dolls

Darth Fatso

Here’s the latest Star Wars toy: a series of 6 nesting dolls, dubbed the ‘Star Wars Chubbies’. It’s already With a cartoony look, small size and apparently a high quality finish, these little toys have a pretty good potential of becoming valued collectibles.

Most of the dolls depict the evolution of their respective characters, but there are also two exceptions. Just a tad larger than the RC R2-D2, they could also be good desktop companions or just something to play with when bored.

Time to reveal what each ‘chubbie’ contains:

  • C3P0 = C3P0 > Younger C3P0 > Even Younger C3P0. (Should be really funny)
  • Emperor = Emperor Palpatine > Count Dooku > Darth Maul. (The Sith doll. This one’s for the evolution of evil)
  • Grievous = 3 stages of General Grievous. (you can remove this one’s ears, and it has 4 lightsabers!)
  • Obi Wan = 3 stages of Obi Wan Kenobi.
  • Wookie = Captain Merumeru > Chewbacca > Salporin. (no baby Chewie… too bad)
  • Vader = Darth Vader > Anakin > Young Anakin. (Looks exhilarating with the big beer belly. Has Darth’s trademark red lightsaber, and you can even remove the mask)

Some bad news now: the cute little PVC dolls will only be available starting May 9th. The good thing: you can already preorder them for 11,70 Euros at Firebox via Fosfor Gadgets.

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