X-Net arrests car swiftly without casualty


x-net.jpgCurrently, when it comes to stopping vehicles on the road, the most common method used would be to puncture the tires, allowing the vehicle to continue (and out of control in most cases, especially those high speed chase scenes) for a while before stopping. While this method might be effective, it will greatly endanger the life of the driver and others on the road. Unfortunately, this technique is pretty much ineffective against run-flat tires found in vehicles like BMWs. The X-Net system aims to offer a new way of stopping cars safely, whether they are using run-flat tires or not. In fact, the X-Net claims to stop cars as fast as an emergency brake without having the driver lose control of the vehicle.

Developed by QinetiQ, the X-Net vehicle arrest system is currently being used by the U.K. and U.S. defense departments. It can be deployed within 20 seconds by hand, where small barbed spikes on the leading edge of the net will pierce the tire and wrap itself around the wheel followed by a tightening mechanism that prevents the wheel from turning. This action effectively brings the car to a halt safe and sound. I suppose this will definitely come handy in war zones, especially with insurgents and terrorists getting trickier by the day, as the X-Net is capable of neutralizing a vehicle carrying explosives from a safe distance before it reaches the target. The system is currently being researched further to enable it to stop vehicles that weigh more than 10 tons.

Source: Gizmag

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